The Fastest & (Only) Hands-Free Rifle Slings






Ready Tactical Sling allows you to move around without having to hold on to your weapon, the sling allows you to take hold, aim and fire. With this rifle sling system you will be able to use your weapon without loosening or adjusting your sling, and your rifle will always be ready to fire. This is the fastest and most efficient rifle sling in the world. 





Seconds count if you're on or off the battlefield, or when it comes to accessing your weapon. Ready Tactical Sling keeps your rifle in the ready position for when you need it most. Tension caused from bringing the rifle up, gives the operator a solid platform to shoot from.




All Day Comfort and Improved Accuracy


Ready Tactical Sling has the adjustment points, and combines high grade elastic with American made webbing, and it comes with or without a shoulder pad - for the most comfortable weapon sling on the market today.