The Fastest Hands-Free Rifle Sling

'Ready Tactical Sling' Is Different From Any Rifle Sling Currently Being Sold On The Market.

the sL2 model Will stay to you even while moving Without having to hold on to your weapon. With this sling you just pull your Weapon up and fire,your Weapon is Always Ready To Be Used, Without Having to pull a release Or Having To Loosen it.  when Transferring to pistol just let your weapon go and it will go back to you. You can grab your pistol in record time .

This Is The Fastest Reaction Sling In The World, And It Allows You To Be The First To Fire. This Sling Allows You To Be Hands-Free, So You Don't Have To Hold On To Your Rifle, Or Put It Down To Get Things Done. Our Slings Are Premium American Made Webbing And super strong military grade gore-Tex Elastic. also its fully Adjustable to wear as tight or loss as desired. This New Technology Makes Our Slings The Best On The Market, For Not Only Efficiency But Also Style And Long-Term Comfort. Do You Need A Military-Specific Rifle Sling? Look No Further Than Ready Tactical Slings.