RTS is a hand free rifle sling that allows you to move around and have both hands free to hike, climb or hunt.  Making it easier to have your rifle ready to aim and fire.  One of the best things about RTS- is that you don't have to do anything to loosen or adjust you just release and fire.  With the other rifle slings, you have to hold your weapon with both hands and adapt or push to release before you bring the rifle up ready to aim and fire that could cost you time, as they say, the one who shoots first wins. 

 RTS- also has a three adjustment point for comfort and position desired,  is also ambidextrous and can be worn for hours comfortably.  Another great feature is the snap of one release, the side buckle; it releases the rifle into your hands. We are Proud to say that Ready Tactical Slings is made right here in Georgia in the USA.   Give us a try; we think you will agree this is the fastest rifle sling in the world.

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