Ready Tactical Slings

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Yes, free shipping is provided, but only on orders exceeding $100 at retail price. The calculated price includes shipping costs.
There are economy and standard shipping across the US via USPS and UPS, respectively. USPS aims to minimize costs at your end, where the delivery is completed via priority mail or postal service. However, economy shipping does not guarantee to track numbers with invoices and takes 4-8 business days to arrive.

On the other hand, Standard shipping takes 3-5 days for delivery. It has proper tracking IDs with invoices. Not every location will support standard shipping across the US and is automatically downgraded to Economy shipping.
We have 2-day shipping available for high-priority orders. These are prioritized for packing and picking and delivered in two business days of when the order was placed. However, for the Army Post Office (APO) and Fleet Post Office (FPO), expedited delivery is unavailable.
Any shipments to Canada by Ready Tactical Slings through USPS into Canada are to be picked by a Canada-based carrier. Therefore, we can only quote the delivery costs of products across the US. The costs for Canadian carriers can vary significantly and may or may not be displayed in USD or Canadian Dollars (CAD). Any additional cost is the sole responsibility of the buyer/ recipient. These can be (not limited to) customs duties, taxes, tariffs, or fees.
Each of these orders and their shipping details will be coordinated on a per-order basis.
Yes, pre-orders are available at the Ready Tactical Slings store. Pre-orders are completed after the purchase is completed, which means your credit card/debit card will be charged when you place the order. Once the pre-order purchase is made, we will send you an invoice with a tracking number and payment details. Your product will be shipped according to the shipping method when the product is released to the market.
Ready Tactical Slings operates solely in the US. The deliveries in Canada are made using Canadian carriers only. RTS does not conduct any international business outside of the US at this point in time.
All refunds must be made within three days of purchase, with the invoice, tracking number/ID, and unopened/unused product sent back to RTS. If the product is already in use, no refunds will be accepted. If the product is defective, it will be returned to us in the condition it arrived in. The recipient should not attempt to fix or repair the defective product.
To file for a return, a brief form has to be filled out, including the details and the reason for the return. Returns are accepted for missing items, defective products, damaged products, wrong items, item exchanges (under certain conditions), and warranty exchanges (if applicable).