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About Us

Ready Tactical Slings

Who We Are?

Ready Tactical Slings started in 2017 after realizing a need for slings to
benefit the shooters. With RTS’s products, you get rapid access to your
firearm, resulting in a better aim. When every second counts and managing
your firearms will only slow you down, our slings make it easier to achieve
your shooting mission.

Our Mission

We aim to improve speed, safety, control, and comfort for our troops, law enforcement, and shooting enthusiasts looking for the highest quality firearms. When seconds matter, choosing a sling that works for you instead of against you can be the difference between going home or not.

Law Enforcement and Security Personnel

RTS slings are well suited for LEO use and security personnel from security 
details, secret service, or 3rd party security forces. These slings allow you to 
go hands-on while maintaining the security of your firearm. Most LEO’s 
don’t carry their long gun daily. They instead lean on their pistol as their 
primary weapon. The long rifle is mounted in the trunk or between the front 
seats. This sling can be left on the firearm, allowing you to quickly put your 
arm through the loop and secure the other end behind your back to the front 
mount point. Once mounted, you are free to use both hands while doing 
administrative duties or while defusing situations with the public.